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twenty facts.

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Hey guys, cool comm idea, I hope it works out.

Title: 20_facts for NejiTema - Chaos not from weapons.
Pairing: NejiTema
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, my muse doesn't own Naruto, she does however, own me.

Here is my 20 facts for Neji/Temari
1.The first time Neji felt that Temari was different than most girls was when she first arrived in Konoha village as an ambassador. One of the chuunin ninja from Leaf whispered about how lucky they were her psycho brother didn’t come also. As he watched there was a gust of wind and the chuunin found himself slammed into a tree more than 50 feet away. Her voice was cold and rational as she told him that her brother would be the least of his worries if she head such words from him again.

2. Neji secretly thought she was beautifull, and that her beauty was at its greatest when she was angry, especially at other people.

3.Temari had a secret fetish with long hair.

4.Neji loved long haired girls, and longed for a real girl, not a fangirl, not a damsel that needed protecting, and a woman who was on his level, a challenge even.

5.Temari was not a damsel in distress and hated that type with a passion. She had stopped needing protection about the time she turned 6, which was also the time she adopted her famed pigtails.

6.Neji slowly began to have a secret mission: to see Temari with her hair down, he thought that would be the only way to actually see her and not the fake her. He told himself again and again it was because she was the only woman that was worth this effort. It was not because he felt any sort of affection for her whatsoever.

7.Neji and Temari both knew love of their own choosing would make them traitorous to their families, their villages. Neji was the Hyuuga prodigy, and therefore would be set up by his uncle to come out with powerfull heirs. It was his duty.

8.Temari was the Kazekage’s sister, and therefore had great authority and power, and as part of that family would also be expected to produce powerfull heirs in case the Kazekage didn’t, which could very well happen in this case. Because of her fighting abilities she also needed to fight to defend her village, and keep her brother’s together.

9. After loosing a bet (it turned out she really wasn’t very good at poker at all) she let her hair down and stood before him under the crescent moon high in the sky. She had looked to the side blushed slightly, and told him in a quiet voice that she had begun to wear her hair like that to be feared more, it made her look less feminine in her mindset and it had worked in toning down the level of underestimation that followed her then.

10.While she stared at him, her eyes straying from his, hair slightly wavy as it framed her slightly flushed face. He decided she was most beautiful when she wasn’t hiding herself, without thinking he told her so, that she was like a Athenian female warrior that served the goddesses and ruled over man.

11. She thought he was adorably handsome when he blushed, and had to admit that was a very unique and flattering compliment.
12.The next day she left, with a note pinned to the wall outside his window with a simple sentence that cut him more than a sword, curse seal, kunai, or his uncle’s words,: Our love was cursed from the beginning, and is best forgotten.

13. Did he say he loved her? He couldn’t remember saying he loved her. He remembered spending almost three months of sparring with her every other day, small challenges, and coincidental meetings at night when no one was looking…Did he love her? She had said ‘our’ didn’t that require a mutual feeling?

14.The day after Temari went home several of the most powerful Suna Jounin had to restrain the Kazekage’s older brother, so that he could restrain the Kazekage from killing whoever made his sister come back so..hollow seeming.

15. Two weeks after Temari left Neji’s aloofness had reached an intolerable level for his friends, and one Nara Shikamaru came to the conclusion it was Temari’s leaving that did it.

16. It took him almost three days to get around to telling everyone else, and exactly 1.5 minutes to have a new head injury from Ino.

17. Word was sent to Temari as soon as possible that Neji was changing and it was for the worse, when Hinata signed the note saying they thought she should talk to him Temari actually believed them.

18.None of their friends had ever seen such a relieving outcome from such a violent and vocal fight.

19.When Gaara and Kankuro showed up the next day it was decided between the brothers already a talk was needed with Neji. The Hyuuga prodigy followed them without much struggle seeing as he didn’t want to fight them, seeing as there was a chance of him loosing.

20. When they spoke of their love together it was not overused, and was never followed by moments of inadequate faith. Their only obstacles were learning to not hide from each other, which they were so use to doing.
Suggestions? Comments? I’m working on a NejiTema fic, I’m posting it in my journal if you want to check it out.

I'm all up for constructive criticism, and suggestions.
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On June 16th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC), kamilover commented:
Aww I like it!! *glomps you ties you up in rope and drags you home with her* >D XD I made you a moderator too so you can mess around with the account too.

Posty the ficcy in here too when you're done with it, please? ^^
On April 14th, 2008 05:14 am (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
nice , how u come up with dat, pretty good, areu gonna post anotha?
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