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Title: Unpredictable - Hyuuga Neji and Subaku no Temari one…

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Title: Unpredictable - Hyuuga Neji and Subaku no Temari one sentences.
Pairing: NejiTema
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: Pg-13?
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, my muse doesn't own Naruto, she does however, own me

Temari was held him silently as he gripped her tightly when he came back from his confrontation with his uncle, that’s all he needed.

Their first kiss was quiet and fleeting, it was from her before he went on a ANBU mission, she wanted to give him a reason to come back.

Temari wasn’t a very soft woman, but there were… select parts that were like velvet, those were Neji’s personal favorites.

He had never felt greater pain than the moment when Kankuro told him that Temari was missing from a S-class mission issued by Sunagakure, and the three of them had strict orders not to go looking for her.

Once, when Neji woke up and was still half asleep he thought the blonde was peeling rocks.

Temari loved watching the rain in Konoha, because it was so different from Suna, even though Neji was never able to watch the rain, he was watching something else.

Neji knew all the different kinds of chocolate, and when Temari mentioned this he listed 10 different types, this gave her a migraine and caused her to proclaim loudly in the middle of the street; “ I didn’t ask for a fucking definition, I just wanted some damn chocolate, now you’ve ruined the moment you male!”.

Happiness was waking up using her chest as a pillow and an angelic look on her face, knowing he was one of the select few to behold such a sight.

Neji had several nightmares about Temari, when one was particular realistic he called her and sat on the phone until he was sure it was really her.

One of Neji’s hotspots were his ears, it was one of two she took advantage of in public.

His name sounded best from her lips, with no honorifics, and no masks.

He blushed when she told him his style of fighting was sensual, and made her want him more than almost anything else.

Temari had the horrific talent of retreating into herself, staying there for very long extended periods to escape emotional pain. It was times like these that he didn’t fear her life being taken by a enemy nin.

Their relationship was not just about the sex, but it was one of the best parts.

Their touches were often fleeting, purposeful, but stayed hot in both their minds, of course that was the point so it was ok.

When he defended Temari’s honor from his Uncle at the risk of his own death he knew she was his weakness, but oddly enough that was alright.

Her tears hurt more than any kunai or seal ever could, especially when he caused them.

When she collapsed, all her energy spent from screaming he caught her before she hit the ground, even if he had been the victim of her anger.

He took her breathe away with his hair blowing around and a look of absolute determination on his face.

She was his vision of freedom, with that devilish smirk and her fan ready to attack no matter the cost.

Even after everything, the bond between them made life worth living.

He denied he was jealous, even when he put Ebisu in the hospital for staring at her chest.

Both their hands were calloused with years of handling weapons and falling, leaping from tree to tree, but his on her skin was still her favorite sensation, and her own still burned a path down his body, sending shivers down his spine.

She tasted like fire, like freedom, like what he had imagined in his fantasies and finally had in his arms.

He didn’t go on missions with her unless he had to, because he knew she would die for him, and he didn’t want to take that chance.

He told her nothing lasted forever, so she was his nothing and he was hers.

His blood brought out her temper like nothing else, and sent her into a frenzy not unlike those of her youngest brother.

She didn’t know what to think on the third day of waking up sick in the early morning.

The gentle, rhythmic beating of his heart chased away her nightmares which had haunted her seemingly forever.

He guided her out of the darkness within herself, because of this he was her north star.

It wasn’t home until she was there, even hot and sweaty straight from a mission she made the place home.

He was filled with confusion when she apologized profusely as she told him about how she was two weeks late for the curse.

He was afraid, when she went to think for four days, without a clue as to where she was or when she was coming back.

Lightning/ Thunder
He wasn’t use to loudness, she was. She was use to sudden brash loud things and too it well, he had trouble learning this from her, the ease at which she handled so many things.

He swore to her he would find her after death, that even that couldn’t keep them apart.

She made their relationship public at the market when a group of girls were staring at him and giggling. She stepped held his arm firmly and glared at them with authority, “Mine” was all she said.

She didn’t call him on the phone, if she needed to speak to him that badly she would go to him, and if she couldn’t, he was unreachable.

He loved their daughter so much, she was like their gift to each other.

Her smile made up for the fact that his hands were soaked in blood.

He knew she wasn’t innocent, and sometimes he regretted that he couldn’t have been there for her earlier.

She was empty and hollow sleeping alone now, without being able to inhale his scent.

She taught him how to gaze at the clouds properly, it was a skill that was difficult for him to grasp.

The sky was boundless, and unpredictable, like her.

She was his heaven, and he was hers. They needed nothing more, but nothing less would do.

Hell was when they had trouble stopping the bleeding as she gave birth, and his thoughts that he might loose her.

She was his sun, powerful, strong, needed, and seemingly untouchable.

She thought it was odd no one ever compared his eyes to the moon before her.

Her love for him were like waves from the ocean, relentless, and sometimes unpredictable, but amazing all the same.

Secretly they both share a fetish with long hair, so she doesn’t cut her hair for him and he lets her brush his, albeit he wines sometimes.

He thinks she is like a supernova, an explosion of amazing power, no one saw coming, dangerous and beautiful and the same time.
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On June 17th, 2006 11:33 pm (UTC), kamilover commented:
aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *melts into a puddle of mush on the floor* That is TOO cute! They're too cute! *snuggles Mari and Neji* ^-^ <3
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On June 18th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC), awkwardnormalcy replied:
Thank you, I'm entering a serious challenge thats going to be either ItachiTema or NejiTemaItachi btw.
On February 12th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
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On March 11th, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC), chiyukihime commented:
If I were you, i'd pick Nejitema! They get along better than Itachi and she would, and there are other reasons...but pick Nejitema!!!
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